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Embark on a love-filled adventure with Cloth and Confetti, where we curate romantically modern weddings that etch themselves into your heart. We're not just a styling company; we're creators of immersive styling experiences that ignite from the moment you share your first glimmer of an idea with us.

Picture us as your creative confidants, guiding you through the maze of decor decisions. From the very beginning of your mood board, through to the joyful cascade of confetti adorning the dance floor on your wedding day, we stand as your styling guardians, weaving magic into every moment of your day.

"Creators of immersive experiences, your creative confidants & styling guardians..."

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In-person styling consultations and view our samples.

Details designed and woven together to reflect your story.

A treasure trove of premium items to hire for your day.

With you every step of your styling journey...

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