Cloth and Confetti is a team of dreamers, creators, wanderers, designers and lovers of love. 

We strive to create one-of-a-kind events that are unique, vibrant and purposeful.

We believe that every important milestone in our lifetime should be spent amongst the people we truly love, surrounded by the things that enchant our souls and ignite our creative spirits. Our events should inspire our guests and us, for these are the moments in life that we live for.

Our dream started with the goal to bring bespoke hire items and styling concepts to the event industry, designing events that are always personalised, reflecting the people and stories they are celebrating, and doing it all with a sustainable purpose in mind.


About Jazmine

Creative Director & Lead Stylist

Ever since I was little, I dreamed in the form of decoration. From decorating with stickers and papers in scrapbooks, to party balloons and confetti, then planning all-out theme parties and the wedding of my dreams in 2019.  

I believe that life is about celebrating with those closest to us and indulging in the things we love. That might be food or design, dancing or a good wine, but whatever it is we need to surround ourselves with those things.

Previous to popping Cloth and Confetti in 2020, I worked passionately in the design industry creating illustrations and prints for fashion, interiors, stationery and home décor for some of Australia’s biggest retailers and brands.

After a while, I wished to create something that was truly memorable and purposeful (cue those big life milestones!). I went on to officially study Wedding and Event Planning, Styling & Design at The Wedding Academy (*throws confetti*) and haven’t looked back since!

Now designing one-of-a-kind dream days is my thing and it’s an honour to create for every client’s once in a lifetime milestone.

Favourite places to travel: London, New york, Canada and Morocco

Favourite Sunday activity or ritual? Brunch and a few rounds of coffee with my hubby

My hobbies include: Aerial arts, journaling, skiing

Inspirational quote: “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting” - Paulo Coelho


About our Team



Studio Manager & Styling Consultant

After obtaining a BA (hons) Media degree in Scotland I went travelling straight away. Seventeen countries later and I am now in Australia permanently with my partner who I met in Melbourne. Organising my own wedding has zoned in on my passion for events and creating memorable moments for a couple's special day.Since working at Cloth & Confetti I have a newfound respect for all the finer details involved and I'm excited for the busy season ahead. I am obsessed with the customised cloth signage we offer at Cloth and Confetti and can't wait to order it for my own wedding in 2023!

  • Favourite places to travel: Japan, Belize & Canada
  • Favourite Sunday activity or ritual: Fresh bed sheets
  • My hobbies include: Gyming at BFT, pilates, baking and hosting dinners
  • An inspirational quote: “Nothing is impossible”


Graphic Design & Marketing

I studied Graphic Design at La Trobe University, and since graduating have worked within the print industry. I now have a decade of experience and still love what I do. As long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for stationery & branding.
The thing I love about events is bringing all the visual aspects we work on for months, to real life. Being part of the Cloth and Confetti team has allowed me to do what sets my soul on fire, every-single-day.

  • Favourite places to travel: Back to my hometown - Echuca
  • Favourite Sunday activity or ritual: Getting out of the house with all my boys, whether it be a walk, breakfast at Pancake Parlour, or going to the dog beach.
  • My hobbies include: playing netball and crafting (mostly scrapbooking by son’s baby books).
  • An inspiration quote: “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”


Customer Care & Event Producer

Suzane has only recently jumped on board with the events industry however is loving every second and minute of it. Her background has always been in administration and customer service as she loves to assist and help. She loves events as she loves to see the clients incredible vision come to life. Working with Cloth and Confetti has been an amazingly whirlwind of an experience as she loves the busy organised chaos.

  • Favourite places to travel: Vietnam with all the amazing street food and fruits.
  • Favourite Sunday activity or ritual: A home style spa treatment with a hot bath and a mask. My hobbies include: Pole dancing and listening to crime and travel podcasts.
  • Inspirational quote: “Opportunities don't happen, you create them”

Our team, from customer care to styling, are qualified professionals in the industry and have backgrounds spanning across design, project management, event coordination and customer service. Everyone is passionate about helping our clients, going above and beyond to make their milestone planning journey easier, fun and even better than imagined!

You might encounter the friendly faces of Jazmine, Suzane, Jayne, Jade, Tori, Gunta, Janine, Runi, Sonya, Kath, Jessie and Marcus, when engaging with us by email, in-studio or on the big day!

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