Celestial Bridal Shower

“Written in the Stars”
High Tea Mistress,  Hawthorn

25 people
Design, Styling and Premium Hire

Design, Styling & Premium Hire: Cloth and Confetti
Florals: Harper and Grace Designs
Stationery: Cloth and Confetti
Fashion Illustrator: Mads Fancis
Plate Hire: Event Merchant Co
Agate Hire: The Small Things Co
Agate Place cards: Letters by Fiona
Balloons: Moonshot Balloons
Photography: Smokey Oscar
Venue & Catering: The High Tea Mistress

Love that’s written in the stars! A celestial themed bridal shower that shimmered with shine from table setting to teacup. We considered all areas of the room, styling sparkling stars to crescent moons, rose quartz crystals and amethyst hues, which happens to be this beautiful bride’s favourite stone and colour.

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