Oatmeal Linen-Blend Weave Napkin

Price: $4.10

Description: **Suitable for Large Scale Events**
Maximum Available QTY: 395

Material: Polyester / Linen Blend
Size: 45cm Length / 45cm Width / 0.2cm Height

Our beautiful coloured weave napkins give a textured and modern appearance to any tablescape. The two-tone weave will capture the guests attention and level-up the personalisation of your event.

Comes pressed and lightly folded in piles with dirty laundry bag for post-event collection.

Linen Hire Process:
1. Use at your event (keep away from wax and sparklers)
2. Airy Dry (if wet), Count & Place into the dirty laundry bag
3. Return to us in the bag for cleaning

Please add the quantity of napkins you require on the wishlist page.
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