Sapphire Blue Velvet Napkin

Price: $3.75

Maximum Available QTY: 250

Material: Smooth Polyester Velvet
Size: 45cm Length / 45cm Width / 0.2cm Height

Our soft velvet napkins add a touch of elegance and luxury to any table setting design. The velvet fabric beautifully reflects light, appearing smooth and soft.

The luxurious fabric subtly changes shade in different lighting and at varying angles. After all, Life’s too short for boring napkins!

Comes lightly pressed and lightly folded in piles with dirty laundry bag for post-event collection.

Linen Hire Process:
1. Use at your event (keep away from wax and sparklers)
2. Airy Dry (if wet), Count & Place into the dirty laundry bag
3. Return to us in the bag for cleaning

Please add the quantity of napkins you require on the wishlist page.
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