White Eco-Event Candles *Pre-Used*

Price: $3.00

Description: *FOR HIRE ONLY*
Add pre-used quality candles from our sustainability program to your hire order.

Often only burnt for a maxiumum of 8 hours, our event candles can be used by many clients over time to save the environment from throwing away waste.

You save money with a more affordable and eco option by hiring our pre-used candles - still ready to look beautiful and get lit for your event!

You will recieve an assortment from 7cm - 20cm height. If you have ordered holders from us, your candles will be matched to fit your holders.

Colour: White
Burn Time: Up to another 12-30hrs
Size: Assorted 7cm - 20cm

Unsented quality wax candles for use with our candle holders. Create beautiful ambient light with the use of candle centrepieces.
Do not place candles directly onto tablecloths or table runners.

Please add quantity once added to your wishlist.
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