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Through all of our services and products, we strive to support the local creative community and sustainable practices in our path, thriving to create more one-of-a-kind, vibrant and positively impactful events. Together we got this!

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Making Linen Sustainably

Our beautiful 100% linen napkins give a textured and premium appearance to any tablescape design. Linen is a natural, long-lasting and timeless fabric and is also very sustainable to grow since it requires less water and processing than regular cotton or polyester.

Choosing Quality
We believe in choosing quality textiles that will last and stand the test of time for our inventory, to help our environment with less consumption. Our napkins are made in Europe using environmentally conscious and family-run businesses.

Chemical Free
All of our linen napkins are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which means they are free from harmful human substances that may be found in non-certified textile dye products or yarn processing.

Supporting Local Artists

We provide unique tableware products for event hire, supporting the local creative community through the acquisition of handmade items to add to our inventory.

Hand Dying Technique
The hand-dyed and frayed napkin collection is crafted in the Byron Hinterland by textile artist Tamara Frost from Songbird Silk. Each batch of dyed napkins turns out slightly differently due to the delicate dying process that Tamara so carefully goes through. Our cotton gauze table runners are also hand dyed and cut in small batches at Brisbane studio Moody Linens by textile artist Sissi.

Handmade Pottery
The ceramic candle holders from our collection have been handmade in collaboration with Jazmine’s first pottery teacher from Hann Made Studio based in Ocean Grove. Each candle holder is hand spun on the pottery wheel using fine porcelain clay, lovingly carved into and then fired for strength. The holders are then stamped with a mark representing the collaboration.


Hire with Heart


Reclaim and Repurpose
Many of our vintage and brass items are found treasures that are reclaimed and repurposed from flea markets, opportunity stores and antique shops from around the world.

We also add to our hire collection by acquiring items from our previous styling clients. Rather than our clients discarding quality items that may not be used again, we purchase them and place them into our inventory for many more couples to utilise for years to come.

Many of the signs and acrylic items purchased are designed and made by Australian stationery designers.

Sustainability in our Process
In our laundering process, we use boutique, family-owned laundry partners who are experienced in taking care of our delicate table runners and natural fabrics, returning them freshly cleaned in degradable bags. We then reuse these clean bags for packing orders or bin liners. When our clients return the plastic bags to us in the dirty laundry, we recycle them at Red Cycle plastic drop-off points.

When packaging our orders and cloth signage, we use materials from environmentally friendly packaging manufacturers and recycle packaging where possible.

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