Through all of our services and products, we strive to support the local creative community and sustainable practices in our path, thriving to create more one-of-a-kind, vibrant and positively impactful events. 

The very nature of hiring products versus buying them is a smarter move for the planet. By hiring products we are essentially allowing them to be used multiple times, rather than disposing of unwanted items after one use. The power of the hire community is that we can all share in both the cost savings and the neutral impact it has on the environment after our event. 

We love to work with local artists to create unique products for our hire inventory. Not only are our clients able to hire some of the highest quality products, but they are also supporting the independent creative community. Currently we are working with Australian textile designers, ceramic artists and graphic designers. Find out more about our artist collaborations on our ‘Artists’ page.

We prefer to buy from sustainable manufacturers whenever possible for our hire inventory. Our 100% Linen Napkins are made in Europe by a small family-run business, complying to strict sustainability standards. All of their their products are Oke-Tec certified. Meaning that the linens do not contain any harmful chemicals in the dyes or production. 

Our custom-made cloth products and signage are made and printed right here in Melbourne. We prefer to support small businesses just like us in the community. 

If you can connect us with an aligned small business that you know, please send us an email with your suggestion.

Cloth & Confetti will be striving to continuously improve our purpose for business and our sustainability efforts within the creative and events community. 

If you have an idea for how we can better incorporate sustainability into our practices, please send us an email with your suggestions. 

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