Paris & Murray

The Button Factory
160 people
Styling and Premium Hire

Styling & Hire: Cloth and Confetti
Florals: The Flower District
Stationery: Samone Shepherdson
Photography: Liz Barnes
Styling Photography: Smokey Oscar
Venue: The Button Factory
Catering: Food Styling Events
Cocktails: Sipsters
Entertainment: Salacious Melbourne
Wedding Featured in: Ivory Tribe

These two destination lovers originally wished for a wedding in the tropics, but due to ongoing covid lockdowns, they didn’t want to wait any longer. In January when restrictions eased, we worked with Paris and Murray to turn the blank Melbourne warehouse into a modern tropical-inspired paradise to dance the night away. Lush palms were assembled in a unique and bright ceremony feature arbour. The tables were whisked up with alternating grey and mustard linen napkins, black candle lanterns, tropical bud vases and green banana leaves. Guests raved about the experience stating it was one “wicked party”.

"Our wedding was so beautiful, I’ll never be sick of looking at the photos! We were so lucky to work with Cloth & Confetti. We had so much fun on our wedding day, it looked incredible and it was one wicked party!"

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