Elegance Welcome Sign Extra Long Hanging Cloth


*This is a custom designed sign. We will work with you to print your own version of this sign on the same fabric, same size and it will have the same effect as this one pictured. This purchase is NOT for this exact pictured sign. All purchased signs still require a 6-WEEK TURNAROUND with us. You may also supply your own artwork. See more details below*

Pricing is for ONE sign only – not two as pictured. You can layer the long signs for more of a statement look.


The ultimate cloth signage statement, made to hang from beams or ceiling points, these custom extra long banners will be admired by guests as a stand out statement piece!

Sizes: 65cm x 400cm

Material: Medium Weight Organic Cotton

Fabric Base Colour: White / Background colour can be printed

Fabric Back Side: Will remain white, not coloured or printed

Edge Finish: 10mm Sewn edges as standard

Hanging Finish: For hanging from ceilings, includes rod pocket with wooden dowel to hang off double or single point.

Artwork: We can create a design for you ($120 additional per sign) or you can supply your own ($50 additional required for us to format for print) high resolution artwork to scale (180-300dpi Jpg/PDF or Adobe Illustrator file required)

In the notes, please tell us if you require us to create the artwork or if you will supply it.

This item is for purchase. No Returns for custom products. Full payment is required before production.

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