Removable Vinyl Table Illustrations (10 Pieces)


These super fun, easy-to-use and removable vinyl table decals will delight your guests and personalise your tablescape. Place them exactly where you want them, creating cute focal moments with a twist. Easily peel off after the party is over to save the venue or linen hire company any stress on return. These stickers can also be used on plinths, backdrops or acrylic surfaces.

Included: 10+ Illustrations Removable Vinyl Decal Stickers on a large adhesive sticker sheet. Cut to size or around each shape before using.

Size: The whole sheet is approximately 45cm x 65cm. Individual decals vary from 6cm H to 25cm H.

Material: Standard removable (low tack) vinyl decal material

Customise: Looking to add your own names or Looking for a different design or custom design? Send us an email about a custom set of illustrations. (Graphic design fees do apply)

How to apply & Remove:

  1. Remove the clear sticky front facing paper from the vinyl sticker
  2. Place face down on the table where you want the illustration
  3. Rub over with hand to make sure it adheres to the cloth (works better on natural or natural blend fabrics with a little more grip to them)
  4. Slowly peel the backing paper off from left to right, watching the letters as you peel and rubbing them down if needed.
  5. To remove: Peel off gently like a sticker and then dispose of in the bin. Likely to break into smaller sections when removing.

Easy to ship Australia Wide & Internationally. Ships from Melbourne Australia.

Shipping: Made to order. Please allow 10days + shipping time (5-7days) to your region. For international customers, please allow at leat 14-days shipping from Australia.

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