Cloth Signage

Cloth signage is something extra special for your day. Romantic and sustainable, it makes an impactful entrance and is kinder to the environment.

With a professional background in textile design, our creative director Jazmine couldn’t resist dreaming up beautiful cloth signage ideas to use in truly one-of-a-kind events. 

Our cloth signs are printed and sewn locally onto natural organic fabrics including linen, cotton and silk. The type of fabric used for your sign will depend on the budget and overall look you want to achieve. We will suggest the best type of fabric and method for hanging at the time of quoting.


Why choose cloth signage?

  • Create a striking feature at your event

  • Add texture and softness to the mood

  • Easy to store and fold away

  • Reuse or frame afterwards

  • Supports local makers and production

  • More environmentally friendly than traditional signage

Types of cloth signs we create

Our cloth signage is only limited by your imagination, but below is a list of the most common items we create. Choose any existing design from our store or talk to us about custom options.

  • Welcome Signs

  • Seating Charts

  • Quote Banners

  • Mini Banners (for junior bridal party)

  • Order of Events

  • Draping Bar Menus

  • Food Menus

  • Corporate Logo Banners


Our Process



Minimum 6 weeks before
Choose a signage style from our store or contact us about something custom



4-5 weeks before
Send us the text and details, then we'll work on your graphic design


Print & Sew

3 weeks before
After digital approval, we send the design to be locally printed and sewn



1 week before
Your beautiful cloth signage is delivered to your door or collect from our studio

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timeline for cloth signage?

There is a minimum of 6 weeks required to create cloth signage. First we send a quote, then create the artwork and send it digitally to you for approval. Once approved, the printing and sewing takes approximately 3 weeks. We allow 1 week for delivery to your door. 

Can you make an urgent rush order?

Only in some cases if our supply chain allows. Signage orders with less than a 6 week turnaround, will incur additional costs.

What types of fabrics are available?

All fabrics have a white or natural base colour. Our fabric range includes varying weights of organic cotton, 100% linen, linen cotton blends, 100% silk and 100% polyester georgette.

I see a design I like in the online shop. Can I customise it with my details?

I see a design I like in the online shop. Can I customise it with my details?

I want a fabric with a coloured background, is that possible?

All fabrics have a white or natural base colour. However we can achieve a coloured background by using digitally printing (think of it like a normal printer but with fabric). The reverse side of the fabric will remain white.

Can I provide my own artwork for printing?

Yes, you can provide your own artwork for us to print. It must be to the correct scale and be of high resolution, at least 180dpi. Formats best for printing include jpeg, tiff or adobe illustrator. 

Can my custom napkins or menus be printed with the guest names?

Yes, we can personalise any item with the guest names. There is a small fixed fee for adding names to bulk items due.

Do you make custom sizes?

Yes, we can make custom sizes. Please let us know what size you require. Our only limitation is the width of the fabric. This is approximately 140cm in width. See our custom design page. 

How do I receive my finished sign?

We will send the sign by express post to your given address. You can also collect your sign from our studio. 

How do I hang and transport my sign?

We will ask you about hanging requirements at time of booking so that the end construction matches your needs. Most signs are easy to install and will hang beautifully from the top bar of a metal sign stand using velcro strips which we provide as standard.

If your banner is being hung directly from the ceiling, we will sew a top pocket and provide a wooden rod for straight hanging. The sign will then hang from a single or double point using clear fishing line, rope or thin chain attached to the rod ends. Corner eyelets are also an option for us to add. Eyelets and ceiling hanging construction does incur an additional cost.

How do I transport the sign to my event?

Once your sign has been hung, we recommend giving the sign a light steam using a garment steamer. You can pre-prepare your sign by steaming or ironing it prior to installation and rolling it up gently rather than folding.

Where are the cloth signs made?

Our cloth signs are 100% printed and handmade locally in Melbourne. Each sign is a one-off piece that is carefully crafted to your specifications.

How is cloth signage more environmentally friendly?

Cloth signage does not contain plastic components like traditional signage. We use sustainably sourced organic fabrics and digital printing processes. This means that less water and chemicals are being used in the overall production process. Cloth signage is easier to reuse and repurpose after use. Try making it into a keepsake, folding it away or framing as an artwork.

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